Adam Gonsalves

Adam Gonsalves owns and operates Telegraph Mastering, and produced the Square Cad mastering podcast series.

In the modern production landscape professional mastering is more crucial than ever. Music deserves to be heard at it's best, and mastering can help any project reach its full potential. Adam works every day with
artists and labels around the world to realize that potential.

Music has been the focus of Adam's life since he was seven. He began audio engineering as a tracking engineer and mixing assistant while attending George Washington University and playing in numerous bands. Over the next several years Adam worked as a mixing and live sound engineer. In 2005, Adam was introduced to professional mastering while getting his Master's Degree in Music Technology at New York University. Mastering has been his professional focus ever since. To date Adam has mastered thousands of releases for every format. He has also worked as an instructor at
The Crucible & The College Preparatory School teaching audio engineering and electronics.

Adam lives in Portland, OR and doesn't mind the rain one bit.
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